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Hello, Leanne here! I’m delighted to share with you some exciting news from Lemurian Healing co-founder and teacher, David Bower.

David is a spiritual teacher, healer and wayshower. For more than 20 years he’s helped people awaken to their true potential, learn how to heal themselves and others, and create more joyful, meaningful lives. He’s trained healers and taught spiritual workshops in the US, UK, Japan and China in addition to teaching online.

I was blessed to be guided to Glastonbury one day, many years ago, to see the adverts for Lemurian Healing training. It was so perfect, everything about it aligned with my own memories and insights from Lemuria and I felt that warmth and peace of Soul Family connection.

Much of what he shares with his international audiences is based on ancient Lemurian wisdom. However, as a star traveler with roots in the Elven realms, he enjoys tapping into even older sources of insight and information. His primary spirit guides and teachers are Elven.

David lives in the Hawaiian Islands (the ancient mountaintops of Lemuria) with his wife and spiritual partner, Mamiko Maridianna.

Here’s his wonderful news!

A rare chance to learn Lemurian Healing™ online

By David Bower

Within the Goddess temples of ancient Lemuria, the priestesses developed methods that allowed them to merge with their divine selves, commune easily with Goddesses, and move between dimensional realities.

The priestesses eventually realized that the basics of this multi-dimensional work could be adapted and taught to the people as a method for healing.

Fast-forward tens of thousands of years… The wisdom of Lemurian Healing has been adapted for use by humans in the third dimension and is available to us, here and now.

My wife Mamiko Maridianna and I have been teaching Lemurian Healing™ workshops since 2007. We’ve trained hundreds of healers and it’s been a wonderfully fulfilling journey.

In 2020 I was scheduled to teach healing in five countries. And then the pandemic hit.

Everything is evolving… and moving online

Since all my plans for the year had to be scuttled—and given the restrictions on international travel and group gatherings—my guides began nudging me to create new ways of sharing Lemurian Healing™ with more people around the world.

So, for this first time, we’re pleased to offer Lemurian Healing™ training online as part of a pilot program. We’ve created two new courses plus a new certification focused on distance healing.

Our two online courses beginning 11 October 2020 are:

• Introduction to Lemurian Healing™ for Self-Healing

• Certified Distance Healing Practitioner Course

These trainings will be presented live on Zoom. Yet, we realize that these live classes won’t fit everyone’s time zone. So, we’re making the video recordings available and providing a path to certification for everyone.

You can read all the details about the new courses and register here:


To learn more about Lemurian Healing™, please visit our home page:


Despite the global and personal challenges we’re all facing, this is an exciting time of growth and positive change.

Lemurian Healing™ is an evolutionary path of healing. It’s here to help us heal and evolve—physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

If the healing wisdom of the Lemurian Goddess temples is calling to your heart, I look forward to connecting with you online soon.

In the meantime, I send you love and bright blessings from Lemuria,






David Bower

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