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Introduction to the Healing Circle

Each month we come together on-line to bathe in beautiful energies from Lemuria, Pleaides and the Angelic realms. You can either join on Zoom or watch the replay - either way you will be a part of the energy circle.

You also learn more about the Lemurian Starchild Oracle, because each month we go in-depth with one of the cards. We've done 37 circles so far, which you can all find in the Healing Circle Archive.

The Healing Circle is also affordable - the cheapest Blessings Plan options is only £3.33. If you choose the £7.77 Abundance Plan, you also get access to the full archive of all the past circles, and more audio meditations. And there's yearly options without automatic renewal too.

In the introduction video below you can learn much more about the Healing Circle.

In-depth Introduction Video

Reviews from participants

The healing circles are events rich of wisdom, kindness from heart and messages for our path life. I appreciate so much, thank you. Tiziana Love this healing circle beautiful powerful thanks love blessed mags drury Margaret drury Thanks to both of you!!! I really enjoyed the fabulous healing. I missed the beginning so looking forward to the replay and getting into that soft space again. With love and gratitude for the work you do. You really do bring the essence of humanity and truth. I love being in that nurturing vibe with so much fun. Dianne xx The healing circle was beautiful and invigorating! I feel emotionally and energetically charged. My body brought me into a trance for most of it. I subconsciously downloaded much more than I could possibly put into words. Afterwards I had the most relaxing nap. You both have absolutely wonderful energy. I am so thrilled to have been a part of this, even if it was not during the actual live session! I am SO profoundly glad to have access to these online events. If I ever visit the UK looking you up will be one of my top most priorities!!! My soul is crying for joy. I thank you both from the bottom of my heart! I fully recommend the healing circles!!! Andrea Feder Hi guys, I joined your healing circle.. thanks so much, I got so much from this.. I joined my energies with yours to share around the world. I’ll definitely be passing this on. Forgot to tell internet was down until 2 minutes before the 3 pm healing circle.., I was so relieved that I could access your live show. I left feeling buzzing with energy.. I’ve been sharing the healing shower visualisation method and downloads with my clients.. also incorporated in a talk I was delivering.. was very powerful. I’m so grateful and blessed to have you two lovely people in my life.. Theresa Chillingswort

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