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Happy Samhain!

Here in the UK the days are getting shorter really quick, but it feels like consciousness is ever expanding. By 'consciousness' we mean the light realms, where we are in our light bodies, in full knowledge of our true self and purpose.

It is a beautiful journey to keep connecting to this vibration in every moment, to know that the Lemurian and Pleiadian realms are always in touch with us. The angels are around us, to give us guidance and support.

When the physical light gets less, the Sun that shines from within everything reveals itself to us. Because all physical matter is stardust, it is of the same Creator Fabric as the Sun, and shines just as joyfully. We can see this etheric light more clearly when we feel a lack of physical light, and we start to open up to the nurturing presence of the etheric light.

The impulse to go inward allows us to connect with the light realms on an even deeper level, seeing the light within aspects that are normally hidden within us. The etheric light starts to flow into our wounds and places that have been unconscious. Now we start to integrate and embody even more of our True Selves.

This process makes it easier to step out of self-consciousness, to let go of the worry about perceptions of others. Our healing process belongs to us only, and even though we can bring healing to the collective of humanity, the judgments of the collective can not guide us efficiently. Beyond all the perceptions, we find that our Heart is a source of etheric light that heals.

We wish you a wonderful journey on your path of light in these times.

Michiel and Leanne

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