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Fire of Transformation

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Metamorphoses and transformation - in my experience, through all the depths, storms and spiritual fires, I began to see Truth more clearly, as old energies and patterns burned away.

Soul level burdens, dynamics and beliefs carried from one timeline into another are ready to leave, to return to the light.

Our Higher Selves sometimes use the purifying power of fire to release what doesn’t align and to bring us where we need to be.

I saw the Phoenix vision back in 2015, just before my old life was consumed in flames and razed to the ground.

I was even shown the alchemical Fire symbol, an upward pointing triangle, in red! at that time.

Trusting, and having faith in Love and in Spirit, Divine Grace and the support of dear friends and family, helped me to let go of it all. No longer did my dream house, dream job and dream environment fit and sadly I said goodbye to it all.

But I knew something else was birthing, I was guided so clearly, one stepping stone at a time.

In surrendering to the new now, to my heart’s guidance, and against the warnings of my ego mind, I jumped, and flew.

Resurrected, with Phoenix wings and leaving the embers of old, cherished, but non-aligned beliefs behind, this was a crown chakra initiation, a raising of my consciousness into the clearer skies of non-attachment, and of finding and integrating more of myself, of discovering the safety within my own loving energies.

The energies at the moment seem to be fiery, inflaming, heating. We hear lots in the centre of Glastonbury- arguments, literal fights, smashing objects.

Don’t be afraid of your fire, don’t repress it - give it INNER space (not acting out) and equally, don’t fear these return visits from the Phoenix.

In expressing ‘negative’ feelings with love, we can quickly release the old and focus with more clarity on the new coming in.

Blessings xxx

P.s. feeling so much gratitude for my new life of total freedom, self-expression and LOVE! ✨💛✨ with Michiel Kroon 🐬💙🐬

🐳🐬😍💚🏝🤍🎶 🕊

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1 Comment

Thanks for sharing your testimony Fire of Transformation. We all go through times, situations and experiences when we have to transmute one stage for another and like you say, must trust divine wisdom to know that nothing leaves our lives unless something better is coming.

Lots of love 💓 to you both and thank you for sharing your wisdom, insights and loving energy xx

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