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Expressing Unconditional Love, interview by Jane Red Path

I was interviewed about Unconditional Love! I really felt Jane and I were in Divine Flow in this conversation.

If you like this interview, you might also like the upcoming workshop 'Expressing Unconditional Love, your Natural State', which I'm organising together with Richard Modlock on Sunday the 17th October 2021.

Here are some of the questions from this lovely interview:

- What was the impetus to do this workshop

- How to be in unconditional love with the seeming chaos around us, rather than getting pulled into it

- Can you tell us more about the connection with the Solar Plex of Archangel Uriel?

- What can people expect from the mini-retreat workshop on Sunday?

- What is Neutrality?

About the event

Dear One,

There is a sacred gift within our wounds but so often, when triggered we go into old defence patterns that once helped us ‘carry on regardless’. Hardening up, being impervious to life, or ignoring our feelings is just blocking the energies coming up, and as we contract we can start to feel ill and stuck.

If you can relate to this, our workshop tomorrow may be of assistance.

We will journey together in a safe and loving space out of old patterns, all hardening and stickiness and beyond old paradigm energies that have been brought forward for healing, back to our true natures - unconditional love.

Michiel Kroon @lemurian_starchild_oracle and Richard Modlock from the Lotus Centre, Denmark @modlockrichard

Will be leading this 4 hour gathering. I @ta_iki_anawa will be supporting the space and participating, as we bring unconditional love to our inner children.

To join, please follow this link 'Expressing Unconditional Love, your Natural State' to purchase your ticket. Or purchase on Facebook

For £66 you will receive:

3 #meditation journeys. #lightcodes and #activations to help you express your unconditional love. #channelled #transmissions from #Archangels Michael and Uriel. Lemurian Starchild Oracle card guidance for you personally. Opportunities to share and ask questions.

You are welcome to contact us to ask any questions about this mini-retreat workshop.

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