Dolphin Dreamtime at the Exhibition

The space where we held the exhibition became like a loving womb thanks to the presences of beautiful light family and everyone who visited, with their kind and supportive intentions.

We had a Lemurian Altar, a place to celebrate the fluid ethers from whence we came, the sea which carries Source love around the globe and was our first home, and the crystalline purity of Lemurian love that calls us back to our hearts.

In the middle of the gallery were rugs, blankets and cushions. Michiel and I took to having a lie down there to rest; I’m in need of a lot of rest after the stroke and it was so lovely to do that there, in the middle of the pictures. It was so peaceful and soon I’d be joining the dolphin presences who were in the gallery in abundance! Many people picked this up and also enjoyed time meditating and receiving healing in the space. I was reminded of a message I received at the start of the project from the dolphins....

”Be free, play, and your play will be your work”

Michiel and I had a wonderful week, and trusting, and letting play be my work has brought me to such a place of Peace and Happiness. We have so enjoyed meeting wonderful people from around the world and making new friends in Glastonbury. We were touched beyond words to see people really receiving the heavenly Lemurian and Star family messages and energies to help us anchor in the New Paradigm on Earth.

This is the message I’m getting at the moment....

“The time is Now dear ones, the flow of Source Love is unstoppable, receive it in your Hearts and Minds, be guided to your bliss.”

Please do contact us if you’d like any of the canvas or mounted prints you see in the photos. We sold many (thank you!) but we can reprint more 💗. Everyone commented that in the bigger sizes, they really make a beautiful impact 💙.

With much Love and Light, Leanne and Michiel xxxx

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