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Blessings of Rose Quartz and the Higher Heart

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

A new offering of art/ design has come through, and its a little different than my usual work. It’s bringing my favourite energies of the Divine Feminine, roses, love, elementals, light language, solar codes and crystalline Higher Heart frequencies, not to mention art nouveau.

It was amazing; whilst setting out to do a design on the theme of Talismans I felt to not think about it but just bring through Divine inspiration instead. I saw an image of a hag stone but it was soft and smooth rather than lumpy!

After drawing that, the rest just flowed very quickly, it changed into Rose-Quartz, and in came energies of our New Earth - glistening ferns, gentle dragon air elementals, solar plasma light language, soft pink roses and drops of life-giving water.

I really enjoyed making it, just on my iPad using a number of new skills I’ve been learning from videos lately... it’s ’s so cool what you can learn online these days 🤩

It feels like a great artwork to gift, and it’s accessible, energy and aesthetics-wise for many. It’s also really multidimensional. Because I surrendered to the flow, it has much within it that I couldn’t have put in there. What do you feel? Open up the picture fully below.

I hope you like it! (sorry about the watermarks; they’re not on the prints or products). I really feel dear Quan Yin again with this piece.

I’ve made a full range of products with the designs on, and they’re available at my Etsy store Here with 20% off until 1st March as an introductory offer. Here is a quick and uplifting video introducing some of the products, see below 🌸🌿💚

We have been guided to the dates for Feb’s Healing Circle - Sunday 28th Feb!

This is a day after the Full Moon. ✨💛✨

On March 11th is the very potent Maha Shivaratari - a day when the moon’s influence is at it’s weakest. On this night, many Hindus hold a vigil and celebrate quietly with fine food all night, due to some subtle energies of our true nature of bliss, which make themselves available - opening us up fully to our Divinity. I’ve felt the energies of this night and it was super lovely.

After that, dates for your diary are March 14th - Mother’s Day 🌸😍🌷🌿🤍

I so miss my mum; due to covid and not driving still, I haven’t seen her since Christmas 2019 😢 But we chat lots on the phone, and as Rumi says, (paraphrasing) believe through the heart and not the eyes, and you know there is no separation.

With Love and Blessings, Leanne and Michiel xx


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