Time Now for a Magical Life

"The Sirian Emissaries are bringing a message to you now, of Divine Light and Wisdom, helping you to birth the New Earth."

We offer a transmission of cosmic energy and support through this video. Amara, a Sirian Guide, brings ancient frequencies that help you to remember the New Earth.

You might remember the Sirians from golden ages of Lemuria, remember them as terraformers because they brought in life giving frequencies for Earth. Now these guides would like to connect again for another manifestation, and this time it is to bring in Heaven on Earth permanently.

Watch our beautiful video message above

Much Love, Leanne and Michiel xxx

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All text & ART © Michiel kroon & Leanne Carpenter

Glastonbury, UK

ISBN: 9781916029200 (box set)
e-book: 9781916029217

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