I Am Lemurian Starchild

Feel free to save, share or print this little altar card, gifted to me this morning, it is my joy to give this to you xxx Much Lemurian Love, Leanne xxx

I Trust in my Light; I am One with Source I Trust in my embodiment; I am held by Divine Mother I Trust in my Beauty; my presence is exalted as Divine Creation I Trust in my Joy; my life expression flows from the Heart of Love I Trust I am Free; all is free to fly, free to Be in Radiance I Trust I am Love, as large as the Universe I Trust I Express and Receive the Love and Light that I Am; I am part of Cosmic Flow I Trust I See Clearly; in the Eye of Oneness, all is Unified in Visions of Love I Trust that I Know; I give All to Receive All in Truth Om 🕉

Leanne xxx

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All text & ART © Michiel kroon & Leanne Carpenter

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ISBN: 9781916029200 (box set)
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