SURRENDERING TO LOVE AND LIFE Sometimes you feel sensitive to others because you are picking up their wounds and misalignments, and these are resonating somewhere within you, because you still have similar energy in your field to clear.

These sensitivities or vulnerabilities to the thoughts and opinions of others are gifts, for they help you see where you need to surrender further to God's Love and perspective, to your Truth, and away from misidentifications.

When we surrender to Love, it can feel like we are taking our first steps again, and indeed, we are in a new stage of development. In this stage we are letting go (even more) of our sense of who we were, the ideas of identity we formed without clear vision, which we have been carrying all our lives. Some of these are very subtle and and have been running in the background for years, and it is a joyful process of finer and finer purification and release as we open the door and let more and more Life in.

In reality those identifications are just being replaced by more truthful ones. We are learning to discern our Truth from the sometimes toxic, sometimes idealised, projections of others. When we clearly see these projections, they dissolve and we know ourselves once again as the flow of God's Love and we see we have become blessed by being the open door for it.

Ask yourself "am I that?" When you doubt yourself or your worth in some way. Look into your heart for your answer, to both your questions and those of others. There you will find your answer - that you - and they - are Love - you are beautiful Beings of Light. If you see you have made an error, then it is healing to acknowledge that, and to seek the Way of Your Shining Truth, to act in alignment with that.

The more we are able to align with and surrender to the flow of Gods love, acceptance, grace, and Truth, the more our lives reflect that.

Joyful creation and co-creation with your brothers and sisters, joyful living, 'miraculous' healing and wholeness are the New life energies that are returning to this planet. This is the New Lemuria.

With joyful love, the Lemurians

Guidance received by Leanne Carpenter 23rd March 2018

Sharing welcomed ✨💛🐬💛✨

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