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Message 15th March 2018

We are the Pleiadian Lemurian Collective Allow yourself to be taken back to the lands of Lemuria, back to your pristine form as a Lemurian Starchild. There is much to be said about your unique form: you might have manifested as a mermaid or a dolphin. Maybe you were a human or Starbeing. Or perhaps an Elf or another Deva, or some kind of mixture. Do not let your mind dictate what your pristine form is, Lemurian Starchild. Your pristine form is a resource for you, which is why it is in your Divine Matrix. It has been put in there, purposefully, so that you can replenish yourself by connecting to it. Remember that your past lives are not a linear sequence, they are multidimensionally designed to give you the best potential of awakening in this lifetime. Allow the Divine now, to show you those dimensions that are most helpful for you in your current circumstances. You might see yourself as a Lemurian Starchild, or as a Starchild on another planet. Feel the playfulness of the child, because it is reconnecting you with your higher self, it is showing you how to live your Truth. 

Channelled by Michiel Kroon

Art by Leanne Carpenter (c) 2017

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