We are the Pleiadian Lemurian collective

Allow your soul to shine, Lemurian Starchild, for you are ancient but timeless. You are the aspect of self that is the eternal child, the aspect of self that never dies or gets born. As a physical being, you have died and been born again, but as God you are Eternal.

Your emergence in form has been planned and created by your higher self, the creator which you are. This is your eternal self, one aspect of which is a child, for the child is the aspect of God that has been called potential.

Lemurian Starchild, let your vision go back to your original form within the Eden that we call Lemuria. There have been many gardens of Eden, for there have are many dimensions in the cosmos, but Lemuria is the one that you are invited to remember now.

As the Lemurian Starchild, you live within Eden, and you are one with Eden. Allow this Eden aspect within yourself to come forward now, because this is how you can Remember now, one way out of many which is coming to the forefront of your awareness now. Allow this Remembrance now so that you can fully step into it, live it, and give it, by bringing it forward to others.

#HigherSelf #EternalChild #LemurianStarchild #Eden #Remembering

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All text & ART © Michiel kroon & Leanne Carpenter

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