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Time for Miracles

I have always felt that anything is possible, and that it's good to be open to Miracles. We can bring them into our life by attuning to our Creator Consciousness. I would like to introduce you to Theresa, who guides us into that place of transformation.

Intuitive Counselling / Dolores Cannon QHHT & BQH Hypnotherapist / Intuitive Reader & Holistic Teacher

I offer a variety of therapeutic services to help guide individuals, couples and families and individuals to greater health, healing and happiness. In my work I have found that people are interested in searching for better ways to deal with specific issues that may be causing distress. You can read more about my services by visiting:

Having worked with people from all avenues of life, I find many have been prescribed long term medication which masks the issue rather than resolving it.  People often attend out-dated and prolonged counselling which focuses very much on continually revisiting the past.

My success centres on touching upon the past through hypnotherapy or counselling but placing focus on empowering you to move forward. I take a gentle, uplifting and holistic view of the 'entire you' - mind, body and spirit

I am dedicated to help you trust your own intuition, to help you look inward to clear old patterns and let go of hurt to allow the force of forgiveness to heal your life encouraging and empowering you to create and maintain your own health and well-being by offering a confidential guidance and support service which is both gentle yet powerful helping you find a window of calm and balance in your hectic life and look more deeply at your choices.

I believe that when you love yourself at your deepest core, you make better decisions about your lifestyle, relationships and health. It all starts with you!

You can be assured of professionalism backed by many years of committed study and training. Please do visit my website: for further information.

I usually provide one-to-one support at my home in Colsterworth. If you would prefer a home visit or to receive support online via Skype or by telephone, this can be arranged at your convenience.

I also provide group therapy sessions for local communities, individuals

and corporate clients including local charities.

'Home is the tranquility we return to'

Through my years of experience I have found people cannot relax in more formal settings.

I provide a dedicated tranquil therapy room in my home for all services. But also offer on-line support. In winter some prefer the warm glow of a woodburning fire to relax with, whilst in the warmer months the tranqulity of the garden allows a connection with nature.

There is ample private parking and I'll be here to welcome you and make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Please do contact me below - I look forward to working with you.




NG33 5SU

Tel : 07833 677 330

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