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Hello Lemurian Family,

We bring you warm greetings, much love, and starlight support for the ups, downs and roundabouts that life can present. We are powerful creators and let’s not forget our consciousness can be hijacked for creating less preferred timelines if we aren’t careful, often when we are caught off guard.

Return to the Heart, to your vast consciousness and feel, sense, see and know that your highest timeline is always promised and present for you. Take time to reorient away from the collective magnetic and to your Highest Truth. You are an Eternal Being of Love and Light. You can channel powerful blessings from the Divine Source when you open your heart to receive them in Trust and Gratitude. ✨💛🙏🏼💛🙏🏼💛✨

Holidays are Coming!

I, Leanne have been creating some designs especially for the magical Christmas Yule season, which are available on a range of products - clothing, homewares, tree ornaments and accessories. These are all available in our Etsy store Lemurian Starchild. There’s 20% off of most of the festive goodies until Monday, including personalised gifts.

The last order date for EU and USA customers is tomorrow 5th December for many products, and 15th for UK customers to ensure arrival by Christmas.

I’m available to answer questions until 8th Dec but may not be so readily available after that.

Wishing you every beautiful Blessings and sending our Love and Gratitude for all your support,

Leanne and Michiel xx

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