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Entering the Divine Flow

At this time of the year we feel the veils thinning.... many feel the presences of their beloved ancestors. They visit at this time to say hello and may pop up in dreams and meditations.

But did you know these veils are not natural? They are part of separation consciousness, which is part of the old paradigm and when we come back to our hearts, we go beyond the mind’s veils. We are back in our truth and connected to all.

The Lemurian Starchild card ‘Flow’ is about dissolving these veils by entering the flow of Love which is always around us. This little video we made brings the energies of this.

Enjoy the message of FLOW:

Lemurian Starchild, the waves have a message for us. Look at the ocean, the rivers and waves of clouds. Can we stop the waves, make them completely still? If we try to block the river, the flow will always find a way. We are like that ocean, that river, and the water, which is unstoppable because it is in the flow.

We can also be a rock, when we need to stand our ground at times, but now we are invited to be like water, which can be both at the bottom of the ocean and in the clouds in the sky at the same time. In the same way, we can be in Lemuria or the Pleiades, or in Shambhala, the home of the ascended masters. The water does not control the flow, it only allows it, and it rejoices in the many gifts of God.

In flow we can see the need for trust, for openness, for a deep surrender to Love. When that is there, or when we give up resistance, without words we naturally call in the new energies which are resonant with the purity of our cleansed and gently healing hearts.

Welcome in tender healing. Welcome gentle space, welcome rest and time to play. We are releasing the old, all that wants to leave, all that does not support or align with our growth and divine embodiment. We lovingly let go of all that blocks our path of divine manifestation.

If we choose to, if the time is right for us, we can submerge ourselves fully into the sacred Ocean; we can allow the living waters to remove the veils of amnesia, all that has got in the way of knowing who we really are, of remembering we are the divine beloveds of God.

Immerse yourself in God's Grace, feel your Oneness with all now, feel the sanctity of all life, form and formless. Enter the peace and stillness of timelessness and enjoy the living colours, energies and formless presences of love.

Commune here with your Soul family, Ascended Masters and Beings of Love and Light. You may start to see situations within your incarnated Soul Group from an Ascended perspective, beyond all veils. In this loving elevation, above the dramas, you are greatly assisting your Soul Family to find, and stand on their own two feet.

Rest and rejuvenate as you are greeted home to this blessed repose of Shambala. Here you are healed and nurtured by the Ascended Masters, your Soul is immersed in the light so that it can fully be a vehicle of Service to Others. No longer individuated as soul identity, you stand up as a Divine Creator.

The golden energies of the sunshine of God feed your being here. Allow them into every particle, allow the love of God to recharge and restore into harmony every single atom of your being. When you feel the breath of God touch your skin, you realize that it is also your breath; you are Love, God is Love. You are closer than close; all separation is melting away into a flow of love. Breathe and allow, breathe and allow.

Held in this loving eternal place, with sight of all things and all times, we peacefully see that the living Divine offers cycles of change, of transformation and letting go, and of birth and the emergence of new life.

You are never alone as you go through this process and your heart is tended to by angels who sing to you throughout each new layer of releasing. They are singing their glorious and beautiful songs, guiding you home to the promised land, the ever-present motherland, the unspoilt creation and pure potentials we remember from our lives in Lemuria.

We are entering paradise again where we remember we are One in Spirit and Truth, we are Love, we are Lover and we are the Beloved. We are Peace and we are being welcomed home into Heaven on Earth.

Affirmation I surrender to the Flow of Love that is leading us back to Source.

We hope you found this helpful. Let us know in the comments and please like and share if you feel to.

Much Love, Leanne and Michiel xx

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