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Divine Feminine

Divine Feminine

Mounted A5 print of Divine Feminine Mount size A4 Optional Sparkly gems


In the Lemurian template, the Divine Feminine is greatly appreciated. The Lemurians of Eden saw this energy in a flower, a bird, and also in each other,  whether they  were  male  or  female,  or  they  hadn't  manifested  as  a physical gender. They knew that the deep care and love of the Divine Feminine was shining through all of Creator's manifestation.

By  appreciating  the  Divine  Feminine,  the  Lemurians  drew  in  those qualities  of manifestation, abundance,  love  and  care.  They didn't need to suffer, or to make great effort, to be in the flow of love, life and resolution. 

If there was ever a conflict, the Divine Feminine was called in, to find monize the energies. The same can be done for an inner conflict, a disharmony of inner aspects.

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