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dear brothers and sisters,

to this website which we have created to introduce you to the

Lemurian Starchild Oracle.


I'm so grateful for having found this oracle. The healing and the peace it brings to me is priceless and the artwork is breathtaking. I suffer from anxiety and in these corona-times. I can't think of a better oracle to consult for me personally. 
Thank you Leanne and Michiel for this gift to all of us. Blessingsxxx


I bought this deck a while ago, and wanted to work with it for a while before reviewing it to fully do it justice! This is quite unlike any other deck! For deep inner work, I have never worked with anything like it. The energy of deck, the journeys it takes you on, the healings that come from it, quite breathtaking. The artwork is stunning, it is an absolute gift!  For starseeds, light workers and all on a spiritual path I can’t recommend it enough! Thank you 


 I love the deck so much!I have alot Oracle cards, but this one is my favorite.  paintings are gorgeous and all of details are perfect. It can be seen that the author did a lot.Thanks


I dare say it’s no coincidence that I came across the deck via someone who already had them and they I felt intrinsically called to purchase a deck for myself because I’ve been connecting with Lemurian energy lately, it’s all quite new but feels like a magical home. A couple of days before the deck arrived, I had gotten a necklace with a Chrysoprase crystal and when the deck arrived and I opened it, the inner color of the box was the same as the crystal and I was left speechless hahaha. Also, the artwork is SO beautiful. I pull a card every night or occasionally in the morning and feel so much calmer and lighter when I go to sleep or start my day. Oftentimes, the card that shows up somehow relates to questions I’ve been having that day or themes that have come up. Everything about them is loving and light and magical and I’m so so happy to use them as a tool to connect with my inner world 



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"Dear ones, know that you have the support of a loving light family, the Pleiadians and the Lemurians; let them come alongside you now in the Cosmic Heart of Oneness, as you go forwards in your blessed journeys in the New Earth."

Leanne Carpenter and Michiel Kroon

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