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Dear brothers and sisters, welcome to this website which we have created

to introduce you to the Lemurian Starchild Oracle.

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  • Card Deck, Greetings Cards, Audio Meditations

  • High Vibe Merchandise, Essences, Starseed Programs.

  • Energy Transmissions and Oracle Readings

  • Crystals, Wands and Jewellery

  • Leggings, Shirts, Bags, Pillows and Blankets


The most amazing, beautiful and powerful deck I have ever experienced.  The art is breathtaking... and the power of love and wisdom that is channeled is literally 'out of this world.'
THANK YOU for helping me remember... and not feel so alone in this mudd realm 

- Y

I am in love with this deck!  I’ve used it almost every day since receiving it about a month ago. The energy of this deck is very pure, and it’s so much fun always receiving *just* the right card. Thanks to the creators and artist(s) for this deck. I love it! ❤️

- K

I love it, thank you for channeling your energies into these cards. I really feel the deck itself. Love the size of the cards too. Again thank you! 🙏💗

- M

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