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Dear brothers and sisters, welcome to this website which we have created

to introduce you to the Lemurian Starchild Oracle.

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  • Card Deck, Greetings Cards, Audio Meditations

  • High Vibe Merchandise, Essences, Starseed Programs.

  • Energy Transmissions and Oracle Readings

  • Crystals, Wands and Jewellery

  • Leggings, Shirts, Bags, Pillows and Blankets


I bought it the other week and I can testify that it's Gorgeous!!! it's crazy!!! it is Wonderful in each of its cards, not only for the colors and designs, but also for the deep, detailed, full of meaning messages associated with each card!! A Universe in every explanation! it is also extraordinary in the answers it gives!it is also really easy to access the meaning of each card, just frame the code behind each of them and you can access the already translated page!!! FANTASTIC FOR ME BECAUSE I'M ITALIAN AND DEFINITELY READING IN MY LANGUAGE IS EASIER!!! I would add that I found two very sweet, extremely helpful people who helped me step by step in the purchase (I'm not very familiar with temporary purchases, especially from abroad), and promptly answered all my questions in a clear and precise manner! They are two special people! I am really happy to have met them and to have purchased this wonderful oracle!!! (the case is equally beautiful and I confirm that there is also a beautiful bag!) ... I love it! I wholeheartedly recommend it and would buy it again!!!... believe me the emotions it gives cannot be explained in words, they must be experienced! Thanks a Leanne and Michiel!!!

( quick, fast, precise delivery)

- Simona Pisaneschi Tenca

I love it, thank you for channeling your energies into these cards. I really feel the deck itself. Love the size of the cards too. Again thank you! 🙏💗

- M

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