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Dear brothers and sisters,

to this website which we have created to introduce you to the

Lemurian Starchild Oracle.


Receive the energies from the Deck:


The deck arrived on a busy day so only had a brief look at it when I got home. That night I was having some emotions arising and I kept seeing the deck. So about midnight I got up out of bed and looked through the cards and there were several that spoke to me. Then I shuffled and one flew out. Perfect. It is a deck that feels like home. Thank you.❤️


My favourite oracle deck of all time. A beautiful high vibration - gorgeous artwork and inspiring words. 🤩

This is far the best deck I have. The energies are deep and take you home. Love it so much. It come in divine time to me. 
Thank you for your being and your work. No words other than beautiful.

❤️ I love the Deck. As I start to work with it, I started receiving some activations. The book is clear and rich. The bonus is the translation in French. But I should say that I really enjoy to read the book in english too. I like to read it slowy and visualizing the amazing illustration. And I enjoy to let my intuition working when I look the pictures on card and the sentences in the book. Some words are like poping. This is really great. I am so happy of my purchase. Also I like the exture of the cards, this soft and silky. Thank you so much.❤️🙏🏻


I'm so grateful for having found this oracle. The healing and the peace it brings to me is priceless and the artwork is breathtaking. I suffer from anxiety and in these corona-times. I can't think of a better oracle to consult for me personally. 
Thank you Leanne and Michiel for this gift to all of us. Blessingsxxx


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