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Rose Quartz and Kyanite Mermaid Wand

Rose Quartz and Kyanite Mermaid Wand

This handmade crystal wand can be used for meditation, healing and oracle card or other readings. It was made by Leanne with the energies of the Lemurian Starchild oracle deck. 
It attunes the user to the energies of Source with Kyanite, which is felt to align the chakras, and open a channel with Source. Quietening the rough seas of life, with its straight line formation, we are helped to hear the still small voice of Divine Love, which is always guiding us. Rose Quartz further attunes us to the heart, to listen to these promptings.
The Labradorite flashes with blue, reminding us of calm seas and blue skies. The mermaid’s perfect playground.
Kyanite is also self-cleansing, helping the other stones to stay clear as well. This pointed piece reminds us to stay focused on the Light, and not to get pulled into dramas that are not really for us to worry about.
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