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Pleiadian Lemurian Light Portrait

Pleiadian Lemurian Light Portrait


Note: there is currently a queue of 5 people for higher self portraits.


Get a full spiritual reading and a portrait, carried out by both Leanne and Michiel. 

Just like the oracle cards, your reading would include channelled art work by Leanne and light language by Michiel. 


You will get the following:

  • We will draw a layout of a minumum of 7 cards for you from the Oracle Deck
  • From these and our gifts, we will make a complete Reading, either in person, written or recorded.
  • This includes information channelled by Leanne, who channels your higher self, and Michiel who channels Archangel Michiel and the Pleiadians.
  • We will make a Unique Portrait, there will be a pastel portrait hard copy, as well as a digital copy with Michiel's light language added to it.


Our Lemurian Starchild Oracle Deck is the basis for this Healing Package. The cards that we draw for you give unique guidance and connect you to your Higher Self, and loving Pleiadian and Lemurian Family of Light. We will notify you by e-mail which cards we drew for you, and what the meaning is. You don't have to wait long for this first step: we will send you the card information within a week of purchasing this package.


The reading will give you spiritual and practical information about your current situation, which we will record or type out and send to you through e-mail (or you can come and visit us in Glastonbury, UK. This will take a bit longer, because we will need to tune into your specific situation.


We will also make a unique portrait for you in the style that you are used to from the deck. This will be a combination of Lemurian and Pleiadian art with many healing frequencies. We will work on this project in pastels and digitally, and it will be printed physically as an enlarged photo which we will post to you, along with the Original art hard copy.

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