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Pocket Size Lemurian Starchild Oracle (deck, branded bag, app)

Pocket Size Lemurian Starchild Oracle (deck, branded bag, app)

SKU: 9781916029231

Contents: 88 Gilded Tarot Size Cards, Branded Bag, Magnetic Flip Box, Access to Multilingual App.



  • ⭐ TRUE Pocket Size Oracle ⭐ As Big as Regular Tarot Cards! ⭐
  • Plentiful: 88 Ascension Cards, 
  • Beautiful: Unique Visionary Art, 
  • Portable: Branded Traveling Bag, 
  • Lovely: Gold Edges, 
  • 🌳 Tree Saver: No Book Needed! 🌳 High Vibe App with Card Meanings and More 🌳
  • Quick Lookup: Styled QR code on the back of each Card.
  • Easy to shuffle, great Paper Quality.
  • Detailed: Channeled texts equivalent to 340 pages in Guidebook.


New in the pocket size edition


This new edition features our 88 visionary matte-finish cards with gold edges, in a slightly smaller size than the original. We achieved this by removing the borders and keywords, leaving the art the same size, but this change makes them much easier to shuffle and use.


It is also lighter, more portable and more affordable than ever before. The magnetic flip box and branded bag provide a practical and secure way to carry the cards with you wherever you go.


But that's not all - this new version also features an innovative and convenient QR code on the back of each card. Simply scan the code with your smartphone or tablet, and you'll be taken directly to the correct page in the comprehensive guidebook app, and for each card in the deck there are keywords, messages, meditations and affirmations IN 80 LANGUAGES!!


This all makes it easy to access the messages and support you need, no matter where you are. 


Bookless design:

  • Time: Find the full card meanings much quicker compared to searching in a 340 page book.
  • Trees: 600g/1.5lb less paper compared to the big deck with book.
  • Travel: Save space by not taking a book with you. The cards fit comfortably in the branded travelling bag. (included)
  • Translations: Access the card meanings in 80 languages.


Attune to your guides


This deck offers unique practical and esoteric guidance. Let the loving care from the Pleiadians and the Lemurians help you to connect to your Higher Self and your Light Family. Your Higher Self has been waiting to be fully embodied on Earth, and your Light Family are the angels and guides that help you to realize this.


Your Pleiadian and Lemurian Light Family is especially coming forward through this work to reconnect you to the Eden State on Earth and on other planets. Remember this universal truth and let your True Self shine with the help of the the Lemurian Starchild Oracle Deck!


Reading the texts in the app connects you to the Lemurian Starchild Vibration, which helps you to

  • identify relevant issues
  • raise your vibration
  • connect to elemental and cosmic beings
  • connect to dolphins and whales
  • connect to Lemurian guides
  • resonate with Lemurian Wisdom
  • go beyond the linear mind to connect with the Heart


Connect with Your Inner Wisdom and Create a Life of Abundance and Peace


  • In unsettled times it can be difficult for anyone to stay in the flow, find balance or maintain a sense of inner peace and security.
  • The Lemurian Starchild Oracle is bringing hope and help, and is now available in a portable, more affordable, multilingual format.


Created for ‘The Great Shift’, the Lemurian Starchild Oracle was lovingly made over three years. It is a powerful tool that connects you with your own original spiritual abilities and the spiritual guidance of your heart.


This is a Divine Feminine energy transmission that gently touches your heart to assist you in:

  • Remembering your own Light and Light Family.
  • Retrieving lost aspects, with their wisdom and medicine.
  • Healing deep soul wounds, which clears out old energies.


The Big Pocket Edition Lemurian Starchild Oracle with Travelling Bag and App has come through to help you tap into your inner wisdom, find clarity and guidance ‘on the go’, and create a life of abundance and peace, no matter what challenges come your way or where you find yourself.


Now is the time to arise at the beautiful frequency of your Divine Blueprint! Each card supports you in shining your magnificent light


Lemurian Starchild's Big Pocket Edition - a Closer Look


The Lemurian Starchild Oracle makes it easy to access the messages and support you need, no matter where you are.


  • Same quality, messages and meditations: Get the content from the big deck, and more!
  • Easy to Shuffle: Lighter, smaller in hand.
  • Quickest way to look up cards: Portable tarot card size, go straight to the correct message.
  • Multilingual: Same Lemurian Pleiadian Guidance for the shift, just now in 80 languages
  • Great cards stock: Same quality, same gold edges
  • Innovative: Same full messages via QR codes, just no book to search through.
  • True pocket size oracle: as big as regular tarot cards!


Is this Oracle for You?


  • Whether you're new to oracle card reading or an experienced practitioner, the Lemurian Starchild Oracle Deck and App is a powerful tool.
  • Would you like to connect with your intuition and find answers to your most pressing questions? Then this oracle is for you.


When is this edition of the Lemurian Starchild Oracle not for you?


  • If you only want mental answers and you're not yet willing to open your heart.
  • If you want even smaller cards. The pocket edition cards are smaller than most Oracle Cards, but still as big as Regular Tarot Cards.
  • If you are looking for the book please upgrade to the pocket + book bundle.
    Lemurian Starchild Oracle Box Set
    The Lemurian Starchild Oracle Pocket deck comprises 88 beautiful golden edged cards, a sturdy bag and a downloadable multilingual Guidebook App. It comes in a lovely sturdy 'top and bottom' box. The cards are made of top quality 400gsm card and they are matt finished.
    ISBN 9781916029231



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