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Gallery Sitting: Dolphin Codes Reading 30 Mins with Leanne or Liona

Gallery Sitting: Dolphin Codes Reading 30 Mins with Leanne or Liona

A Half Hour reading with Leanne during the 'Being Peace' Art Exhibition:

This 30 minute reading is in-person at Glastonbury Galleries, weekdays between 10th Aug and 26th August 2024. Start times: 1pm, 2pm or 3pm only.

Please contact Leanne or Liona Gabrielle to book.


Dolphin Code Reading

Trinity Circle of Creation – We will look at three areas:

1. Introduction New energies are seeking their way into your life, so that your heart may feel blessed and in turn, overflow with gratitude and blessings for the world. The first part represents a new awareness.

2. The second part represents how and ‘where’ you can best bring this new awareness into your life and healing path.

3. The third part of this reading represents how you stabilize and integrate the energy to share it with the world.

For this reading we use the Dolphin codes:

Ether & Matter, Fire & Water and Earth & Air.

a. Ether & Matter - The new energy coming into your life.

b. Fire & Water – Working with the energy gift on your Healing Path.

c. Earth & Air – Integration & Expression of the New – How you will express this new energy as a gift to others.


The first card, Ether & Matter, shows us how to weave light between the etheric and physical dimensions. The Dolphins show us how to play and meander multidimensionally to cross-pollinate between the Physical and the Spiritual.

Fire & Water is about our emotional healing, about bringing these elements to peace. The Dolphins show us a magical path that brings us back to neutrality. Whatever the environment that we travel through, we can find power and strength from the light in our Heart.


The third card, Earth & Air, is about stabilization and sharing on Earth. The Dolphins show us how we can share and express our joy without shame, not limited or held back by an ego agenda. We multiply our joy when we share it with others, which creates a beautiful field of abundance.



Please be aware that all an intuitive reading can do is provide you with information on what energies surround your life situation and suggested actions and areas to focus on, sometimes possible future outcomes. You must always be aware that Your future is exactly that, Your future and it is in Your control. Only you can change it and shape it to what you want. A reading is a beautiful and powerful tool that gives you vision and ideas to create the future you desire but only YOU can create it.



All readings are done within sacred space and with the utmost respect for your well-being. All your details and reading information is kept confidential. If you give a review or feedback, your feedback may be used anonymously for promotional purposes. If you would prefer your feedback remains confidential, please let me know.


DISCLAIMER:All readings are done specifically for the querent and cannot be done on behalf of a third party. I am obliged by Law to state that your reading is for entertainment or experimental purposes. PLEASE SEE FEEDBACK EXAMPLES BELOW.


"Absolutely Amazing!! <3 Thank you so so much, am so pleased, Love it!! Wonderful working with you, divine energy xxX~ <3 ~ Xxx Just brilliant Xx"

"Hi Leanne. Wanted to contact you to say that I have felt so good after your healing. Significantly so. You healed a lot of the inner child and it was so marked. I don't feel that pit in the stomach anymore. I don't feel like I am at the bottom of the well anymore. It's like you filled it in with something solid and I can climb out. When I look at the picture you did for me it helps me to connect to the inner priestess and higher realms. I just want to thank you so much for what you did for me I am very grateful. Warm wishes R.N. xx
Every time I look at her face she inspires me x
That's why I find it amazing. Because I can feel and pick up on the higher energy it radiates xx
I have never come across such strong energy like that in a picture xx"

Dear Leanne ....You are so incredibly talented and wonderful Leanne. I wish I could give you a very big hug xxx Thankyou sister of my heart x you have amazing gifts xxx Thankyou for your confidence too x ....Your reading makes such perfect sense and I will be referring back to it to let it sink in deeply. As it goes deep. You have given me so much to work with I am truly grateful for this depth which my soul needed to realise...also releasing the timeline that I have held within for lifetimes that kept repeating this pattern.'s all falling onto place's can't thank you enough xxx Bless you 💙💙💙💙 Feel so grateful 💜💜💜 Take care and I will pay your postage when you advise on price xxx Lots of love 

 Ps I can't stop looking at my portrait. She is so beautiful she brings tears to my eyes xxx you are so talented xxx


"Thank you for the reading. You were amazing as always. Spot on. I do feel he needs to speak up more and make his own choices not just go along with mine. He was blown away by how much you got right. Have a wonderful day with your parents and hopefully see you sometime". Xxxx (PC re SC - August 2016)


💖😊 Aww that is amazing, thank you so much for that. There is so much resonance with the reading, I have many connections and flashes of Egyptian times but not fully knowing all detail, yet only to embody certain aspects. There are so many elements in the reading that are becoming more relevant at this time, as things and energies start to shift and change. I thank you so much for your guidance, insight and support. Wow the picture, the eyes first of all, started to take me somewhere, but I need to spend time with this and connect on a deeper level. The pureness that radiates, lovely. You mentioned about sending it through email, that would be great if you don't mind, my email Once again thank you for sharing your amazing gifts, just what I needed at this time. Love and light x

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