We are the Pleiadian Lemurian Collective

The inner child energy has been much neglected in human culture. Allow this part of yourself to re-emerge, the part that is playful and open-hearted. Occasionally, an emotional energy might come up, that allows you to release the burdens from the past. You are are being asked to embrace, not act out, this energy.

The embrace comes first, so that your emotions purify in a space of love. This is how you can heal your anger, without acting out your anger. This is how you let go of projections, without putting them on others.

In this space of purity you find the Lemurian Starchild. This open heart space allows for a state that is beyond all negativity, that is pure love. The Lemurian Starchild shares this space with you, entrusts you with it.

Lemurian Starchild, you are then asked to express your love, to share it with others. Allow your whole being to shine, because your throat is the birth canal for the New Earth.

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All text & ART © Michiel kroon & Leanne Carpenter

Glastonbury, UK

ISBN: 9781916029200 (box set)
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