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Sat, 08 Aug


Online Event

On-line Healing Circle Live Broadcast

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On-line Healing Circle Live Broadcast
On-line Healing Circle Live Broadcast

Time & Location

08 Aug 2020, 20:00 – 22:00 BST

Online Event

About the Event


Do you have the Lemurian Starchild Oracle and would you like to go even more in-depth? Or are you thinking about getting it but would you like to get to know the energy more? Sunday the 24th of November at 8pm we will organize an on-line healing circle which might be helpful for you.

Many are in deep processes of healing, but keep going through similar cycles of emotion. And we might ask “haven’t I been through this already? Why again?” If a karmic cycle keeps pulling us back in the same old energies, we need to step back for a moment and look at the facts of the situation.

  1. If we get pulled back into old energies and emotion, we haven’t made a clear decision yet about that situation.
  2. We can’t will ourself to be clear and decisive, it is deeper than that. But we can clear our energy field which gives us much more space for clarity.
  3. We can heal our wounds through receiving the Divine Feminine, and through letting her heal our inner child.

In this healing circle: the Awakening Card!

What is Awakening? The arising Presence, in which we recognize our True Nature, tells us. The mind becomes stiller when presence starts to listen in. We stop giving it the same energy and passion which it used to feeds off.

Many are awakening in these times of change. For some, a rude awakening, for others, gentler. All is orchestrated from the higher levels, the multi dimensions where we also reside. We are now connecting all of them so that we embody our real self to the fullest.

Awakening is not primarily a mental process; it is a DNA activation. Can we allow the changes to happen, surrender to the holistic process? It impacts all levels: physical, emotional, mental, energetic, etheric and vibrational.

By allowing the process to be the process, we start to inspire many others who are also Awakening. Let’s allow this flow, without holding on to beliefs about Awakening. One day we might see ourselves as impersonal pure consciousness. Another day we might engage in a healing of personal issues, our own or someone else’s. We don’t need a mental explanation, because our DNA keeps showing us the way.

On deeper DNA levels we can find ancient but timeless Lemurian and Pleiadian knowledge. This activate remembrance of divine abilities and evolutionary pathways and doorways. We keep awakening ourselves on deeper levels. The Universe has us in its care.

The Pleiadian/Lemurian pathways and doorways bring us to even grander visions, and new ways of understanding the Universe all around us. We start to develop multidimensional cognition, rather than be limited by linear logic.

The pathways and doorways then bring us back to Love, the nurturing energy of the Divine Feminine. This is what we truly longed for all along because love is the glue that brings us back to oneness. The glue helps us to integrate the pristine aspects of the fragmented parts, and to let go of the old paradigm.

-- PS be welcome to join our live on-line Healing Circle this Saturday 8-8 at 8pm UK time. More info at

Participation is available from only £3.33, in a monthly plan that can be cancelled any time. Audio meditation pages from cards in the Oracle Deck are also included in the plans. Find out more here:                   

We will do these healing circles regularly, hence the monthly plans. This will create a nurturing energy and brings us closer together as a community.

The healing circles are also freely available to those who made one of the following previous purchases

  • Kickstarter backers
  • Blessings Pack
  • Abundance Pack 
  • Multidimensional Pack
  • Starchild Pack
  • Know yourself Pack

In these cases, it is your responsibility to check beforehand that you have access to the broadcast page.  If you have made a purchase but you don’t have access, please contact us before circle starts. (Preferably before the day of the circle)

People often tell us that “More layers keep revealing themselves in the cards” and we hope to deepen this process in the circle.


Structure of the Healing Circle 

We will draw a card a few days before the Healing Circle, and send out information in a Newsletter. You will then be able to send in questions about this card, which we will answer in the broadcast.

  • Introduction by Michiel & Leanne
  • Introductory Message from Archangel Michael
  • The creation process of the card, and our Healing process (Michiel&Leanne)
  • The message of the card (Michiel & Leanne)
  • Deeper meanings of this card (Michiel & Leanne)
  • Meaning of this card in a spread (Michiel & Leanne)
  • Healing channeled meditation with the card
  • Meaning of this card for the collective (Michiel & Leanne)
  • Channeled meditation to bring healing to the collective
  • Q&A  

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