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New Earth Children’s Clothes

The Children of Lemuria cards tell us how every child on Earth has a sacred tableau of energy, which originates from different Divine dimensions. The specific life-purpose of the child is supported by this energetic configuration. By recognising the specific needs, sensitivities and abilities of each Lemurian Starchild, you help them open the gates to Heaven on Earth.

We feel that each Child of Lemuria’s energetic configuration and purpose, reflects a pure inner-child archetype within us, and that each archetype can open up at different points in our spiritual journeys. We see the 7 cards in this category each resonating with a different aspect of our inner multidimensional Lemurian Starchild and that it can help us if we identify which is coming forward at any point.

Each card’s message in this category is written with guidance for care-givers of actual children showing the archetypal traits, as well as a separate message of support for when you are identifying with that archetype yourself. Picking a card from this category means you are guided to focus on your inner child’s current needs and expression.

To support your little ones, we have designed affirming clothes with the images from this category, to help them celebrate their unique archetype.

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