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What is Lemuria?

Have you heard of Lemuria? It was a beautiful civilization that existed before Atlantis, and more and more it is rising in people's consciousness. There is a reason for this. It carries a Divine template for Higher Self embodiment which we can tap into now, to co-create the New Earth.

The Lemurians were truly gentle, spiritual and naturally magical beings. They created a flowing and beautiful civilization in Divine Harmony, Alignment and Consciousness.

When people hear about it, many find they recognize the feel of, and may even remember past lives from Lemuria......

Imagine Hawaii, with its warmest of welcomes, open-heartedness and laid-back lifestyle, and add to that a sort of loving, group-consciousness.... a feeling of connection with all life.... ahhh! Now you are getting a taste of Lemuria. It is said the mountains of Hawaii are the remnants of the land mass of Lemuria.

Lemuria and your own inner Lemurian Starchild can be a guide for living aligned with the gentle wisdom of the Heart's Love, and for becoming aware of yourself as a Divine Beloved and Co-creator with Source.

Our deck and other creations are here to reconnect you with your inner journey of awakening, remembering and embodying your Truth Lemurian Starchild.

This range is inspired by the flora of Hawaii, designed by Leanne Ta’Iki Anawa.

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