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Higher Self Portrait Readings by Leanne

I believe our Higher Selves shine a homing beacon which entrains our energy frequencies heartwards and upwards and if we are open and receptive, we can be guided home to a full awareness of our deepest nature - Divine Love and Unity.

Sometimes we need assistance to recognise the feel of our own Higher Self however and this is a part of what my work can offer you.

Through Christ Consciousness (the loving connection between us all at the level of the Divine) I make a direct connection with your own beautiful Higher Self, which shines before me.

In my readings the connection is not only with your higher self - your Source or God Self and your Light Body (the qualities of love and light you carry forward and develop through this and each of your incarnations), but I also see any stuck places in your Energy field (in the Akashic Records), especially samskaras (old patterns) from past lives which will very likely be being experienced in your present timeline. These are shown only if they are relevant.

It is as if I am shown a shining pathway from where YOU are RIGHT NOW to your radiant higher self and this shows me whatever is out of alignment to be touched and healed by God/ Divine Source. I am given multidimensional information through significant colours, symbols, mini-films of significant experiences from your Akashic Records, along with the emotions and reasons things may be sticking. As you can read from my testimonials, what comes through for each sitter is unique, focused and pertinent for each of them and for that moment.

I then create the healing 'energy signature' reconnection image with pastels on pastel paper. This, along with your reading can help you remember your true beautiful self, and because the reading is coming from the wisest, most enlightened part of you, it is able to point you incredibly efficiently to your next steps in unfolding the highest truth of your being.

It is not just Soul level blocks from past lives that can be shown to me; sometimes I'm shown gifts and helpful aspects of your self from beyond time and space which have been unrecognised, so that you can remember them and they can come forward in your life. Your picture will carry the loving, healing and abundant energies of Source of course!

Along with your portrait comes a detailed written reading to help you understand and work with your portrait.

I just need to connect with you via photo with your name to do this, but your Reading can be via skype (or phone) instead if you prefer (see below*).

Whilst your reading will be typed and emailed to you, the picture is sent in the post for whichever option you choose.

Option 1: I connect via a photo and your name (£111).

Option 2: You can alternatively have your Higher Self reading channelled within an hour Live Skype session, which can involve Soul and/ or Personality level distant energy healing, psychotherapeutic intervention and guided journeying and meditation (I am an HPCP registered clinical psychologist and qualified master level energy therapist). Your portrait will be done afterwards (£144). In essence you are paying for a reading and a healing, which is why it is more expensive.

Furthermore, whichever option you choose you will have your image enhanced digitally for an even more sparkling and magical finish, and you can use this image however you wish to, for example, in your business.

In summary, your reading and portrait supports you to clear blockages and to strengthen and build the bridge between your earthly personality and your Higher Self that lives Consciously in Divine Love, Blessings and Grace.

I will post your hard copy portrait to you rolled in a tube or flat between cardboard, and will email a typed reading whichever option you choose.

The enhanced digital image can be sent in .jpeg or .png formats.

Additional later Skype sessions and distant healing sessions related to whichever option reading you choose are also available - at £65 per hour.

Please be aware that all an intuitive reading can do is provide you with information on what energies surround your life situation and suggested actions and areas to focus on, sometimes POSSIBLE future outcomes. You must always be aware that Your future is exactly that, Your future and it is in Your control. Only you can change it and shape it to what you want. A reading is a beautiful and powerful tool that gives you vision and ideas to create the future you desire but only YOU can create it.

All readings are done within my sacred space and with the utmost respect for your well-being. All your details and reading information is kept confidential. If you give your consent, your portrait may be used anonymously for promotional purposes.

All readings are done specifically for the querent and cannot be done on behalf of a third party.

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