Lemurian Healing 1-1 Session

Leanne trained with David Bower and Mamiko Maridianna from Hawaii in Lemurian Healing, in 2014 and 2015. It was a beautiful experience to connect with others who were very clearly resonating with the same frequencies of gentle love and Oneness. 


In this healing you bring to mind an issue you would like to work with. Your Higher Self connection is strengthened, and your Divine Blueprint is activated. Your beautiful Higher Self energies then guide Leanne to channel your unique divine frequencies of love and light to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.


Leanne's Divine gifts enable her to see into the energy field to understand the nature of stuckness or blocks in the energies, so that she can help them to clear. 


The Healing takes 1 hour and there is a space of 15 minutes each side of the energy work to decide on the focus beforehand and to share about what came through afterwards.


You are clothed for this treatment and it can be carried out seated or lying down. 


It can also be done Distantly; Leanne connects in with your energy field and will work for upto 1 hour on the energy healing, and will communicate beforehand and afterwards by email.

Always consult your GP if you are experiencing medical difficulties alongside any complementary treatments.

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