Energy Healing, 60 minutes session

- We focus on the energies directly
- Energies from Archangel Michael and Pleiadian beings of Light
- Facilitator: Michiel
- Questions possible during the session
- Video Call on Skype or Zoom OR in person in Glastonbury, UK

- duration: 60 minutes
60 minute session of Guidance, channeling and Sound Healing. In this session you receive healing energies and guidance from the Pleiadians and Archangel Michael.​


For your personal healing process, we look at three steps: expanding, breathing and expressing. These three steps can greatly help to understand life processes. In the session we give attention to each of these steps: expanding your consciousness, breathing in light and expressing your unique words and sounds.​


The beings of light that I channel, the Pleiadian collective and Archangel Michael, bring in guidance through words and sound in Light Language. You will be in a meditative process in which you can release old issues and old beliefs, and open up to new possibilities by receiving angelic energies.


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