Tanzine Aura Quartz Crystal

This transparent Electroplated Quartz Crystal with its deep blue/indigo color and pink reflection is a real Heart stone. The blue colors carry an energy of peace and the beautiful pink reflection nurtures our Inner Child. It greatly increased our vibration and it can help us with manifesting our life purpose. Receive deep healing from this beautiful crystal, and from the light and sound codes that we have put in it. In case you are going through deep emotional processes, this crystal can help to bring you back to your Heart, and to find a place of peace, clarity and relaxation. Gold/Indium/Niobium Electroplated Quartz Crystal with a beautiful purple/pink reflection. It is of extremely high quality and a rare find.We have given this crystal an energetic blessing using our quartz crystal sounding pyramid, connecting to Archangel Michael and Lemurian & Pleiadian beings of light. For more information please refer to celestialights.com for properties and background info

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