Skype or In-Person Higher Self Reading and Energy Work 90-120 mins


A reading with Leanne:

This reading can be done in person, by video call or written out. 

Leanne will put aside 2 hours for this reading. 

I believe our Higher Selves shine a homing beacon which entrains our energies upwards and if we are open and receptive, we can be guided home to a full awareness of our deepest nature - Divine Love and Unity.
Sometimes we need assistance to recognise the feel of our own Higher Self however and this is a part of what this reading with Leanne can offer you.
Through Christ Consciousness (the loving connection between us all at the level of the divine) I make a direct connection with your own beautiful Higher Self, which shines before me.
In my readings the connection is not only with your higher self - your Source or God Self and your Light Body (the qualities of love and light you carry forward and develop through this and each of your incarnations), but I also see any stuck places in your Energy field, samskaras (old patterns) from past lives which will very likely be being experienced in your present timeline, visible to me in your Akashic records.

For this reading, I use our Lemurian Starchild Oracle which we have brought through from Spirit to support your unique crystalline embodiment and expression, on our beautiful Ascending Earth.

I will sit in sacred space and channel your reading, using the cards for guidance and clarification, especially in the following areas:

1. Sense of Self - This Card reflects how you see and feel about yourself right now. It points to an area of your identity you are invited to recognise and bring healing to.

2. Imbalance - Your sense of self can include significant stories or identifications with others' projections, which hide your light and cause imbalances. These experiences that bring negative or limiting narratives are commonly encountered in childhood, and they can block your true-self emergence. When you aren’t seen, loved or nurtured enough in your true expression, you cannot really know and trust yourself and you are likely to hide behind a persona that you intuit is needed to keep you safe. These false parts of your identity do not really reflect your beautiful truth, as they carry negative self- beliefs at their core, so they are always calling to be healed. Sometimes these parts feel like an intrinsic part of you because they helped you to survive and maybe even to thrive in one sense. They may be in the way of your True-Self expression and manifestation now however.

3. Resources Within -This Card is reminding you of a wealth of treasure within yourself which can help you to know and express yourself as the Light you are.

4. Resources Externally - This Card is pointing you to the memories, people and manifested ‘mirrors' which can help you to progress on your healing path. The people, places and things you have attracted into your life so far, may either support your journey directly, or they may be 'well-disguised gifts', challenges which have arisen in order to spotlight to you the very energies in your own field that you have been unconscious of, which you are now invited to move away from or transmute in your embodied healing process. This does not mean if you meet someone cruel, then you are secretly cruel. It means you may be healing a part of yourself which expects cruelty due to past experiences or traumas that have not been fully healed.

5. Light Family - This Card is reminding you to ask for help from beings that you are surrounded by every moment - your loving Family of Light. They ask you to open yourself to their support, guidance and unconditional love. As messengers from the Divine embodying the Creator's Love for you, they honor your Free Will. They have a particular message for you today.

6. Gift for Self - This Card is showing you the gift that is emerging from your healing process for yourself.

7. Gift for the World - This part of your reading prompts you to recognize how your path of healing is a great gift for many people, not just yourself. It will ultimately bring gifts and medicine for the collective.

8. Possible Challenge Within - This Card has a message for you about something within yourself, such as a pattern that might be getting in the way of you fully receiving the vision of your own light. As you progress on your deep healing and clearing, you can become aware of nuanced factors affecting your progress.

9. Possible Challenge Externally - This Card in your reading is offering you an opportunity to reflect on external factors manifested within your life, which might at one level present you with a challenge to overcome. The continued inner work of your healing journey can help you to easily transmute this situation. Your Higher Self has a direct message for you about this.

10. New Opportunities - As you deepen your receptivity to the Love of the Divine and your realization of yourself as a radiant being of love and light, you are being shown with this card something of the opportunities that are coming forth to help you express your gifts to the World.

You may also ask questions or simply request for Source to reveal what you need to know.

I have a complete prototype deck ready to give your reading.
Please see my individual website for examples of feedback I have received.


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