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dear brothers and sisters, to this website which we have created to introduce you to the

Lemurian Starchild Oracle.



I cannot speak highly enough about how incredible these cards are. In the short period of time I have had them, I feel like they have already profoundly transformed me and given me a huge boost on connecting with Sirius, my higher Self, Lemuria, the rainbow bridge and the dolphins. Read more >>

Jessica Amala

  Amazing activations, one of my favorite decks!


"It is ethereal in a way that words do not do it justice. The cards, box and book are very well made too. A very special experience."


"I remember that a while ago I was searching for new information on Lemuria and was wondering why nobody had ever created a deck that would bring forth those awesome energies. And there it was, someone thought about it. I was instantly filled with joy and felt intrigued." Read more >>

Theseus R.

"I Am blown away and so very grateful for this experience and as such would suggest if you feel drawn to this deck and are deliberating as to whether to have them for yourself, take this as validation it's meant to be." Read more >>

Gemma Nelson

I’m so glad , blessed & grateful I’ve found these beautiful cards been looking for something different & these r so beautifully illustrated, the detail is incredible the book is full of knowledge." Read more >>

Vicky Foster


+ A Call to Lightworkers

Greetings blessed ones! We feel the call to gather with all who resonate with the Lemurian frequency, who feel the pull of ancient Eden and who connect with cities of light such as Telos and Montserrat. All who are part of our Christed Galactic and Light Families, click to read more!

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  • Also do let us know if you'd like to learn more about the deck in a local workshop, as we would love to share our message around the World.

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"Dear ones, know that you have the support of a loving light family, the Pleiadians and the Lemurians; let them come alongside you now in the Cosmic Heart of Oneness, as you go forwards in your blessed journeys in the New Earth."

Leanne Carpenter and Michiel Kroon

Glastonbury, UK

All text & ART © Michiel kroon & Leanne Carpenter

ISBN: 9781916029200 (box set)

e-book: 9781916029217

Guidance for the Awakening and those Embodying their Higher Self.

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